by Douglas Rosengard

Through the halls
the dungeon calls
for the hero
to check the walls.

For not in sight
is the wand of might
but instead
in a spot quite tight.

Blast asunder
to receive the plunder
by pushing once,
and looking under.

The last you seek
in a place quite bleak
and of brimstone
it does reek.

Your quest now nigh,
Beware or fry,
if from fire
you can die.

Give not a care
to lack of stair,
but go directly
to His lair.

To His home
you must now roam,
though suurounded
by brime and foam.

A protective coat
is his moat,
above this trap
you must float.

And then you run up
towards the sun
and claim victory
with a prize well won.