The Roguelet's ABC

The Roguelet's ABC

by ?

B:      Flitter flutter in the air,
        How I wonder why you're there!
        Chasing bats is not much fun--
        The worst is when you're killed by one.
E:      Think again before you try
        To impale a FLOATING EYE.
        If you miss one with your sword,
        You may soon be very bored.

F:      When into a room I plunge, I
        Sometimes find some VIOLET FUNGI.
        Then I linger, darkly brooding
        On the poison they're exuding.

H:      If a 'GOBLIN (HOB) waylays you,
        Slice him up before he slays you.
        Nothing makes you look a slob
        Like running from a HOB'LIN (GOB).

I:      First he deals a deadly blow,
        Then he staggers to and fro.
        His behavior would be risible
        If it only could be visible.

J:      Darkened chamber, dismal howls;
        Is it tigers, wolves, or owls?
        Now I spy him through the gloom:
        Dr. JACKAL, I presume!

K:      Cobalt's metal, hard and shining;
        Cobol's wordy and confining;
        KOBOLDS topple when you strike them;
        Don't feel bad, it's hard to like them.

L:      See the funny little man,
        Try and catch him if you can.
        Quickly now! That's too slow--
        Where did all your money go?

R:      Here's a monster that will thrill you,
        'Cause it doesn't try to kill you.
        What a friendly little charmer--
        Hope you're fond of orange armor!

S:      Listen to those bursts of hissing,
        While your mace persists in missing!
        Fields have thistles, teeth have aches
        And dungeons have ungracious SNAKES.

T:      One big monster, he called TROLL.
        He don't rock, and he don't roll;
        Drink no wine, and smoke no stogies.
        He just Love To Eat Them Roguies.

U:      There's a U -- a Unicorn!
        Run right up and rub its horn.
        Look at all those points you're losing!
        UMBER HULKS are so confusing.

Y:      As I was sitting down to eat, I
        Cried, "I thought I heard a yeeti."
        Something growled, in accents fretty,
        "Ho! Take that! You mean a YETI!"

Hat jemand mehr Fragmente des Roguelet's ABC? Dann wäre ich sehr dankbar, wenn er sie mir zumailen könnte!!